Energy optimisation

myCoreAI is a complete, scalable HVAC optimisation system that dynamically optimises heating, cooling, and ventilation in real time. The solution uses a combination of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology and engineering insights from the real estate industry.

Electricity ≤ 25%     Heating ≤ 15%     Cooling ≤ 15%

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Spot price optimisation

myLoadShift is using the thermal capacities of a building, enabling it to consume electricity when the price is lower.

Electricity cost savings ≤ 35%

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Heating optimisation

Ai-lite is a scalable optimisation system tailored to working with heating systems. It is based on a thermal AI framework that has been pushing the boundaries for global energy excellence for nearly twenty years. Suitable for residential blocks, halls of residence & commercial office applications.

Heating cost savings ≤ 20%

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Our core solution, myCoreAI, reads data from buildings as well as external sources like weather and social data, and creates a unique algorithm to optimise each building according to that building’s specific conditions. The optimisation works a little like the common sense an engineer would apply, the big difference being the number of parameters used and that myCoreAI sends optimised signals to the BMS every 15 mins. To permanently position an engineer to optimise your system in real time, is unrealistic… myCoreAI fulfils that role!

The performance of myCoreAI is constantly monitored to show the technical performance of the algorithm, as well as the building’s energy and comfort levels. The user can also interact with the system and override it if circumstances change.

The performance of myCoreAI is constantly monitored to show the technical performance of the algorithm, as well as the building’s energy and comfort levels. The user can also interact with the system and override it if circumstances change.

BMS System

Buildings connected to the myCoreAI scalable system for continuous and autonomous optimisation of the buildings. Necessary infrastructure = web connected BMS + temp/CO2 sensors


The two-way integration allows your myCoreAI to read from and write to your BMS utilising the existing strategy. Storing and organising all data happens here. A “restore default” function is present allowing for planned/unplanned shutdowns. The cloud database is the heart of the myCoreAI system, storing and organising all data.


myCoreAI harvests any open-source data available that might improve the model’s predictive power, including weather data and utility tariffs.

Artificial Intelligence

Cutting-edge AI algorithms are applied to the data stored in the database. The result is a virtual building model that can be used to predict future energy use and indoor climate. The AI uses the database to learn and then apply that learning on a continuous 24-hour loop.


The optimiser uses the AI model to calculate the optimal parameter settings to deliver the best indoor comfort using the least amount of energy and therefore cost. You determine what a “good indoor climate” looks like, defining the optimisation boundaries.


The control strategy is updated (where necessary) every 15 minutes, whilst the AI learnings are reinforced & updated weekly.

Energy savings

Electricity ≤ 25%     Heating ≤ 15%     Cooling ≤ 15%

Before and after myCoreAI

Before myCoreAI

Energy companies’ tariff systems for heating and cooling can be unpredictable and difficult to follow. In practice, this means that it has become more challenging to perform energy optimisation at the lowest possible cost. 

With myCoreAI

EcoAI’s solution enables forecasting of both energy costs and climate, which enables control adjustments that can take into account energy tariffs, flow and return penalty fees, price cuts and daily variations.

Indoor Temperature

Before and after myCoreAI

Before myCoreAI

There is no real control or dynamic optimisation of energy usage. The indoor temperature fluctuates inconsistently without a focus on consumption planning or informed solutions.

With myCoreAI

Our customisable algorithms ensure that the indoor temperature is kept within a predefined range whilst taking into consideration more than just the outdoor temperature. The static elements (i.e. building structure, thermal capabilities and configuration) and fluid elements (i.e. energy tariffs, raw weather data and internal load) feed into the core algorithm.

       Benefits with myCoreAI

       You are in Control

 Best indoor climate

The customer is able to define the indoor climate. myCoreAI uses data collected onsite to teach itself how to adjust heat, cooling, and ventilation depending on prevailing external conditions (such as weather or wind) and on how the specific buildings are designed, used, and configured.

    Big Data

     Unique Insights

All data collected in real-time is saved into a database and uploaded into the building’s digital twin. This data is combined with other datasets generated from different energy providers, weather forecasting systems, etc, to generate models. About once per hour, new control signals are sent back via the connector to the BMS based on these predictions.

     Artificial Intelligence

  Energy forecasting

myCoreAI enables forecasting of both energy costs and climate ahead of time, which enables control adjustments that take energy tariffs into account. The model is upgraded and optimised every day as it learns from the data collected.

        Generic & Scalable Solution

  Easy to implement

EcoAI has a scalable system that, with the help of modern AI, enables continuous and autonomous optimisation of complex buildings. myCoreAI is based on scalability and flexibility and is system agnostic in terms of BMS and sensor manufacturer.

Spot price optimisation

myLoadShift is an add on solution to myCoreAI which optimises your building to consume electricity when the price is favourable. The spot prices are determined the day before, and myLoadShift predicts the building’s needs 48hrs in advance. The thermal inertia of the building can then be used to shift the consumption of utilities to when prices are favourable.

Some electricity needs cannot be shifted, such as lighting and most fans, but heating generally can. The thermal inertia of buildings usually is 2-12hrs. myCoreAI, together with myLoadShift, will know how much inertia your individual buildings have, depending on the static and fluid elements in the equation. For example; construction, the behaviour of the occupants, and the outdoor temperature. Therefore, the system can optimise consumption as well as the price you pay for what you use, without jeopardising the indoor climate.

To fully benefit from myLoadShift you must have heat pumps and/or cooling systems, and to make financial savings, you also need to be buying a portion of your energy from the spot market.

Electricity cost savings ≤ 35%

Benefits with myLoadShift

For you

myLoadShift saves you money since it allows your buildings to consume electricity at favorable prices. Assuming you have heating and cooling systems, we see cost reductions exceeding 35% when optimised.
The size of your savings depends on the size of your buildings, how many heat pumps/boiler and/or cooling systems/chillers you have in your stock, as well as their thermal characteristics, which determines how much energy we can shift.

For the planet

By deploying myLoadShift together with myCoreAI in buildings, the real estate sector can be a significant part of the solution to the capacity problems in the electricity network.
Lowering consumption during peak hours when the demand is high, will result in lower peaks and reduced need for “bad” energy sources like oil and coal. Dynamic consumers also allow for a higher share of intermittent energy production like solar and wind.

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