Ai-lite, you don’t need a complicated set-up to save energy!

The solutions we provide have historically been focused on dynamically optimising a BMS with a full HVAC set-up, where the BMS is essential to enable an integration. The introduction of Ai-lite changes all that, opening the door to properties that we would otherwise have had to walk away from. Now all a building needs is a heating system, with some type of control, in order to potentially benefit from an AI based solution that promises to reduce energy consumption by up to 20%!

Ai-lite is based on a thermal AI framework that has been pushing the boundaries for global energy excellence for nearly twenty years. By deploying the solution, you tap into a vast resource of knowledge and experience that has been specifically adapted and tailored to the UK market. The solution includes four main components;

So whether the property is a library or smaller office, residential block or halls of residence… if it has a heating system and you would like to explore reducing the energy consumption, then the following could be worth a read;


Ai-lite regularly saves 10-20% in heating costs, creates a better indoor climate whilst supporting on-going maintenance and property service. It is easy to deploy, easy to  use and is compatible with most set-ups such as communal heating, individual gas boilers, heat pumps, district heating and other heating solutions.

The advanced analytics embedded in Ai-lite are not only used for better and more active control of your heating system. It has the added benefit of providing an understanding of your building and how it uses energy. It delivers predictability and continuity for financial budgeting, environmental reporting and supports engineers with planned preventative maintenance (PPM) visits.